Parenting in the Age of Sexposure: Raising the Precocious Generation

Parenting Book by Dr Dubey, Published by Rupa Publications India

“Parenting in the Age of Sexposure approaches the thorny issue of sex and sexuality in the lives of children, at a time when the media and the Internet bombard kids with countless sexualizing, explicit messages – ‘Thin is good’ , ‘Having sex is “in”‘, ‘Sex has nothing to do with commitment’. How do parents bring up children when the media overwhelmingly portrays girls and women as sexual objects, encourages boys to form superficial relationships, and reinforces gender biases? How do they secure their kids’ emotional wellbeing, while admitting that sexuality is an integral part of the human experience? Equally, how do they deal with the ugly realities of sexual violence and abuse, and safeguard their children’s interests? Parenting in the Age of Sexposure attempts to address these questions and offer ideas for conscious parenting.”

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