Private Psychotherapy Retreats in the Himalayas

The Himalayan Healing and Growth Retreats are all about finding peace. Peace within oneself. Peace in relationships. The calmness of mind to think through important decisions in life - whether to commit to a relationship, whether to end a relationship, how to nurture and grow a new relationship, how to deal with loss, how to go through transitions in life - planned and unplanned, how to adapt to changes - welcome and unwelcome. As we all know, change is the only constant in life. And one has to deal with change whether it be in one’s personal life or professional life.

Adapting to change in a way that is healthy, positive, productive requires a calmness of mind, which is often difficult to find in our hectic city lives. Getting away on a vacation is often a solution but sometimes the getting away puts burning issues on the back burner and does not help to resolve them. Sometimes psychotherapy is required to help resolve certain issues or make certain changes but even finding the time to go for regular therapy is difficult.

The Himalayan Retreats have been conceptualised as a a way to bring together two separate solutions, vacation and therapy, in an efficient, effective and economical manner. Follow up is also built into this program so that you can go back to your city life and still be able to access the support that is often required when implementing changes. Being well aware of the fact that formulas do not work and every one needs to find their unique solution, the Retreats are customized based on the needs and goals of each individual/couple.

The Himalayan Individual/Couples Retreats are offered in two formats. As a complete package the retreat includes therapy and stay at a one of a kind, private, all wood cottage. On the other hand, individuals/couples can also arrange their own accommodation and avail only of therapy. If needed, we can provide a list of resorts, hotels and home stays in this area. While therapy is the primary activity, other activities that help reduce stress, such as, meditation classes, yoga, guided walks through forested hills and pottery as a way to express emotions can be included based on the individual/couple's interest and the availability of the professionals who offer these activities.



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